8 inch ultra-thin Face Recognition Access Control F8

Suitable for Brake machine, wall-mounted, desktop, floor-mounted installation Model:Suitable for office areas, hotels, passage gates, office buildings, schools, shopping malls,shops, communities, construction sites and other public services and management projects where face access control is required.

Products Details

Product model Category Performance
Camera Resolution 200W
Types RGB+ RGB + IR
Aperture 4.0mm
Focus 0 to 2 meters
White balance Auto
Screen     size 8-inch, full-view IPS LCD screen
Resolution 1280 * 800, brightness 400cd
Processor CPU 4 cores,RK3288
ISP Image Processing ISP Built-in dual-channel ISP
Local storage   8GB
Accessories   Fill light Infrared, LED lights
Card reader module (Reserved) IC / ID card reader, ID card reader and thermal imaging  temperature detection module
Network module   Support wired, 2.4Gwifi, 4G network card
Port   Audio   line out 1 Audio line out
USB port USB2.0 and 2micros
Serial port 232   2 RS232 ports, 1 WG input, and with WG output
Wiegand port 2.5mmX2PIN
Reset port   Lateral pore position, external buttons
OTG port In Channel 1
Functions Offline locally use   20 thousand local  face database
Face Detection   20 thousand local  face database
  1: N face recognition Support one in 10,000 error recognition with 99% pass rate
1:1 Support optional card swiping module, ID card module which can realize 1: 1 face identification
Stranger detection Support
Distance recognition adjustment Support
Remote upgrade Support
Device port   Including equipment management, access control, personnel or photo management, record query, etc.
  General parameters   Protection level For semi-outdoor or pure outdoor use
Power DC12V
Operating temperature -10℃-60℃
Working humidity 10%-90%
Static electricity 4K/8K
Battery radiation Not exceeded
Power consumption 5W MAX
Equipment weight About3.5 lbs
Equipment size 373.7*135*85mm
1. Wide dynamic monocular living anti-counterfeiting, completely solving the deception of various photos on various uploads; 2. Support LED intelligent fill light; 3. Support serial port, Wiegand 26-bit, 34-bit output, and support output content configuration; Real-time body temperature monitoring, and body temperature tolerance range is accurate to 0.3 °, Body temperature detection distance is 0.5-1 meters; Support the device to store thousands of people locally (a) The cloud platform device supports the simultaneous storage of 50,000 face photos (less than 400KB), 1 million identification records (0.45KB), and 20,000 live capture photos; (b) The LAN device supports simultaneous storage of 20,000 face photos (the photo is calculated based on 100KB) and 1 million recognition records (including the recent 10,000 live capture photos).1)、1:N face recognition, the face database supports 20,000 faces, and the top1 percentage of hits is 99.99%; 2)、The accuracy ratio of 1: 1 personal identification is over 99%; 3)、Fast recognition (a) Face tracking and detection takes about 20ms; (b) Face feature extraction takes about 200ms; (c) The live detection of face identification takes 0.2ms; (d) Feature identification takes 0.5ms (multiple recognition of 10,000 face database takes average); 4)、Support stranger detection, stranger level can be configured; 1、Support live photo saving on face recognition or stranger detection; 2、Support HTTP port connection; 3、Support public network and local area network management 4、Support screen display of content configuration 5、Support identifying distance configuration Environmental Requirements: Conditions to be avoided during use: ①The sensor should be used in indoor environment because it is greatly influenced by the environment when used outdoors ②Because of the characteristic of infrared sensor, the accuracy of measurement will be seriously affected in the application environment, such as the sensor facing the window, air conditioner, radiator and other high temperature objects
Modules Functions Introductions
Display interface Boot interface Neutral (customizable)
Verification interface 1. Including display of prompt ‘Please punch in’ , network signal (whether it is bound / connected), time, date, weekday; 2. Pop-up prompts for abnormal network connection, notification display, ID card information, and prompts for successful or failed verification , which can be customized 3. Including the version number, the number of people, and the number of pictures in database.
Menu interface   Menu style and human-computer interaction,  how to enter other modules, management, etc.
User Management User added Add people to local apps
User delete Delete people on local apps
Equipment management   Unlocking rules Door opening time after verification
Wiegand / RS23 Wiegand format 26/34, RS232
language settings Simplified Chinese
Network settings Wired, Wifi, 4G module
Time settings Time, date, time zone, setting (manual setting or server synchronization)
Voice settings 0-10 (0 is silent, the default is 5)
Brightness settings 1-10 (default is 5)
About this machine Date of manufacture The equipment time
Serial number Devise serial number
Manufacturer Manufacturer name
Machine type Device model
Others Other functions Customizable

Standard body temperature

Body temperature of scanning face

A Instructions for appearance The schematic diagram of the gate is shown in the figure below. Note: If the cable interface is different from the illustration, see the cable supplement on the next page (subject to the actual product and wiring diagram) B Instructions for appearance ①According to the requirements of the installation site, a space of 35mm in diameter is generally opened in the middle or front of the gate, as shown in the figure, ⊕ is the recommended opening position.

Single channel gate

Double channel gate

Note: The position of the opening should be based on the actual application and the type of gate, 35mm is only a reference . ②Unscrew the nut at the bottom of the gate, pass the cable through the nut, and remove the nut, as shown in the figure. Note: Do not connect the network cable, power cable, etc. At this time to avoid installation trouble③Under the gate, pass the cable and cable interface through the washer and nut in sequence, and tighten the nut to the thread , as shown in the figure.  ④Connect the power and network cable, and the screen will start ⑤Hold the post with both hands and turn it gently to adjust the angle of the gate, as shown in the figure. According to the recognition interface, adjust the gate to the proper recognition angle①Place the desktop on the desktop, and place the device on the two "L" card positions above the bracket and adjust the angle; It is suitable for the front desk visitors.Switch signal Wiegand inputWiegand output signal 2328-inch face recognition tail wire descriptionseven gate tail wires   USB2.0 interface   12V power input   Reset / Reset button   Switch signal   Wiegand input   Wiegand output   signal 232   RJ45 wired network port5Wall-mounted tail wires   USB2.0 interface   12V power input   Switch signal   Wiegand output   RJ45 wired network port

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