Matter Smart Temperature and Humidity Detector JSL-HM

Products Details

Operating voltage:  DC3V
Standby current:  ≤10μA 
Alarm current: ≤40mA
Work temperature range:  0°c ~ +55°c
Working humidity range: 0% RH-95%RH
Wireless distance: ≤100m(open area)
Networking mode: Matter
Materials: ABS
 The smart temperature and humidity detector, designed with low power consumption Zigbee wireless networking technology, has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, which can sense the slight changes of temperature and humidity in the monitored environment in real time and report them to the APP. It can also link with other intelligent devices to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, making the home environment more comfortable.Intelligent scene linkage and comfortable environment control. Through the smart gateway, it can be linked with other intelligent devices in the home. When the weather is hot or cold, the mobile phone APP can set the appropriate temperature and automatically turn on and off the air conditioner; Automatically turn on the humidifier when the weather is dry, making the living environment more comfortable. Low power design Long battery life It is designed with ultra-low power consumption. A CR2450 button battery can be used for up to 2 years in normal environment. The low voltage of the battery will automatically remind the user to report to the mobile phone APP to remind the user to replace the battery

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